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An e-mail library for Mac, iOS, Linux & Windows


MailCore is a library designed to ease the pain of working with e-mail protocols. Its runs on iOS, OS X, Android, Windows and Linux. MailCore is batteries included with support for SMTP, IMAP, POP3, RFC822, MIME and rendering of HTML messages.

Announcing MailCore 2!

From the authors of Sparrow and MailCore 1.0 comes the new and improved MailCore 2! MailCore has been completely redesigned from the ground up with a new blocks based API. It features:

Getting Started

Fetching Messages

This example shows how to use IMAP to fetch messages from the GMail servers.

Sending a Message

This example shows how you can send email using MailCore.

More examples...

Check out more examples on the project wiki.

Getting the Code

Checkout the code directly from git:

git clone 

From there follow the installation instructions.




Sample Code


Mailing List

There is a low traffic mailing list hosted on Librelist.

Cool Apps Using MailCore


Q: What happened to MailCore 1.0?

A: MailCore 1.0 will continue to be maintained. Under the hood both libraries use the same C library libEtPan. There is a synchronous C++ interface in MailCore 2.0 that would be a suitable replacement for the MailCore 1.0 API. Unfortunately to create a more flexible and asynchronous API we had to start over.

Q: What platforms does MailCore support?

A: Out of the box iOS, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows are supported. However the core engine is portable C/C++ and could be ported to Android, which we are hoping to do. We'd love to see more language bindings against the engine, perhaps Node.js, Python, Ruby?

Q: Can I use MailCore in my commercial app?

A: Absolutely! MailCore is BSD licensed and all dependencies have licenses that are compatible with commercial software

Q: Can I help out?

Yes, please do! Fork the repo on GitHub and get started hacking or writing docs! Contributions are done using GitHub pull requests. Check the TODO file for items to work on.


More FAQs are available on the GitHub wiki.


Consulting services are available via Astro HQ. At Astro HQ we have years of experience working on email apps. If you need custom e-mail functionality developed, please get in touch via our website.


Thanks from the MailCore team.

Matt Ronge

HoĆ  V. Dinh

Robert Widmann

Jonathan Willing

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